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Present                          Ph.D. student, Media, Technology and Society, Northwestern University

2014-2015                     M.A.  Media, Technology and Society, Northwestern University
                                      Advisor: Pablo J. Boczkowski

2010                            B.S. Mass Communication with an emphasis on journalism, University of Costa Rica (UCR)


Journal Articles

Ross, A. A. (2018). Tracking Health and Fitness: A Cultural Examination of Self-quantification, Biomedicalization, and Gender. In T. M. Hale, W.-Y. S. Chou, S. R. Cotten, & A. Khilnani (Eds.), eHealth: Current Evidence, Promises, Perils and Future Directions (Vol. 15, pp. 123-151): Emerald Publishing Limited.

Dean, M., Scherr, C. L., Clements, M., Koruo, R., Martinez, J., Ross, A. (2017). When Information is Not Enough”: A Model for Understanding BRCA-positive Previvors’ Information Needs regarding Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Risk. Patient Education & Counseling.

Koruo, R., Dean, M., Scherr, C. L., Clements, M., Ross, A. A. (2017). Previvors’ perceptions of       hereditary breast and ovarian cancer health information American Journal of     Undergraduate Research, 14(2), 95-104.

Ross, A. A. (2016). If Nobody Gives a Shit, is it Really News?: Changing standards of news production in a learning                   newsroom. Digital Journalism, 1-18.  


Conference Presentations

Badal, H. J., Ross, A. A., Scherr, C. L., Dean, M., & Clements, M. (2018, May). Previving: How Unaffected Women with a BRCA1/2 Mutation Define and Construct Identity. Oral presentation at the International Communication Association, Prague, Czech Republic. (Paper Accepted)

Ross, A. A. (2017). Defining Disease and Deviance: News Representations of Orthorexia Nervosa. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the National Communication Association, Dallas, Texas, November 16th-19th.

Ross, A. A. (2017). Diagnosing Orthorexia Nervosa: The Medicalization of “Excessive Health” in the News Media. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Social Studies of Science, Boston, Massachusetts, August 30th-September 2nd.

Ross, A. , Scherr, C.L, Dean, M., Badal, H., Clements, M. (May 2017). Juggling Risk and Womanhood: How Imperatives of Health and Gender Shape the Experiences of Women With a Positive BRCA Mutation. Paper presented at the annual conference of the International Communication Association’s, San Diego, California, May 25th -29th.

Ross, Amy A. (2015). From Teaching Newsroom to Content Lab: Changes in the Norms and Standards of News Production at a Learning Newsroom. Paper presented at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, Oxford, England October 28th-30th.

Poster PResentations

Scherr, C.L., Ross, A., Badal, H., Marshall-Fricker, C., Shrestha, N., Fischhoff, B., &           Vadaparampil, S.T. (2018). Decision-making after a variant of uncertain significance            from genetic testing for hereditary breast cancer: Expert opinions. Poster to be    presented at the Society for Behavioral Medicine Annual Meeting, New Orleans,           LA, April. (Poster accepted).

Badal, H., Scherr, C.L., Aufox, S., Hoell, C., Espinoza, A., Ross, A., Smith, M. (2017). Is it   Genetics          or Behavior? Perceived Causes of Disease Among Patients Undergoing Genome            Sequencing, Baseline Data. Poster presented at the DC Conference on Health       Communication, Fairfax, VA, April.

Ross, Amy A. (2017). More Than a Mirror: News Coverage of Orthorexia Nervosa and the Role of Journalism in Medicalization. Poster presented at the conference of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, Chicago, Illinois, August 9th-12th.

Scherr, C.L., Ross, A., Badal, H., Marshall-Fricker, C., Shrestha, N., Fischhoff, B., & Vadaparampil, S.T. (2017). A mental models approach to develop an intervention for women who receive a variant of uncertain significance from genetic testing: Expert opinions. Poster presentation at the DC Health Communication Conference, Fairfax, VA, April.



2015      Negotiating Culture: integrating legacy and digital cultures in news media, Conference Travel Grant
              -The Graduate School Travel Grant ($800), Northwestern University
              -Department of Communication Studies ($1,500), Northwestern University          


2012      Awarded a grant to attend the Anfibio Workshop “Inside, on the edge or outside: Chronicles of the diversity of Latin American youth”, sponsored by the Foundation for a New Ibero-American Journalism (FNPI) and by the General San Martin National University, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Awards and Scholarships

2010                   Graduation with honor, University of Costa Rica

2007-2010         Full academic scholarship, University of Costa Rica

2005                  Valedictorian, Marian Baker School

2000-2005        National Honor Society (USA)


Professional Experience

2009-2014        Journalist at the Costa Rican newspaper La Nación.
                           2012-2014: National news desk:  Covered education
                           2010-2012: National news desk:  Covered minorities and other vulnerable social groups
                           2009-2010: Daily cultural and entertainment supplement VIVA and Sunday supplement PROA

2009                 Assistant at University of Costa Rica radio stations as coeditor of the political website Voces 2010.

2009                  Internship, Sunday supplement PROA, La Nación.

2008-2009        El Financiero:  Translator for the digital edition in English

2008                  In charge of the Boletín Digital (Digital Bulletin) of the School of Sciences of Mass Communication, University                              of Costa Rica


Languages spoken

Fully bilingual in English and Spanish since early childhood.


Select Journalistic Publications (In Spanish)

 “Vecinos por una noche” (‘Neighbors For a Night’), PROA, La Nación, September 12, 2010.

“Guaro de iniciación” (‘Initiation Booze’), PROA, La Nación, October 3, 2010.

“La droga de la devastación”(‘A Devastating Drug’) , PROA, La Nación, November 28, 2010.

“Vivienda solo tiene recursos para atender 14 de 357 precarios” (‘Housing Department Has Sufficient Resources to Attend to the Needs of only 14 out of 357 slums’), La Nación, February 14, 2011.

 “Cyberbullying en Facebook: fuente de acoso e insultos contra adolescentes” (‘Cyberbullying on Facebook: A Source of Harassament and Verbal Abuse Against Adolescents’), May 6, 2013.

“Lentitud de Internet entorpece ventaja tecnológica en las aulas” (‘Cyber Sluggishness Hampers Technological Advantage in the Classrooms’), June 24, 2013.

Date of this version: June 2018

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Amy A. Ross

Amy A. Ross